Thursday, April 28, 2011

Without Questions there is no Learning! - Edward Deming!/?sk=lfWithout Questions there is no Learning! - Edward Deming

Without Questions there is no Learning!  Sounds like an appropriate theme for this week.  We are in times that have a super scrutiny of people. A hyper need for accountability and placing blame on who ever, or what ever caused a problem or mistake.  We are quick to reticule, character assassinate, defame, mock, anyone who may seem awkward, naive, uninformed, or anyone who just plain made a mistake or caused accident.  We however are human and not Gods of ourselves.

Leaders need to know that trying may create mistakes or accidents, and that they need to fail fast!  Don't get stuck!  Learn the lesson, add the lesson to our knowledge, apply the knowledge when a similar experience occurs, and become wiser for the insight!  Crucifixion or stoning for humans doesn't work and only causes death!  That is until Jesus came along!

This week always carries the story of Doubting Thomas and his search and endeavor to make sense of the events of Easter as conveyed to him by the Apostle that   He just didn't get it and wanted more information.  He had questions and needed to learn more to catch up.  Maybe he was a physical learner, and needed that first to jump-start the faith needed to affirm what he wanted to believe.  You know, "Seeing is believing" and yet it was faith at the heart that enabled Mary to see Jesus as for He was and not as the gardener when she heard her name spoken by Our Lord.  It the breaking of bread that opened the eyes of those walking the road to Emmaus. So is the same with Thomas wanting physical proof of wounds in hands, side, and feet.  Jesus in his wisdom as Leader, provided the answers to his questions and led him to a new and faithful place via his learning and then swelling of faith.  He didn't leave him, ignore him, mock him, berate him.  He did wish it wasn't necessary, but the higher calling was the eraser of doubt, and replacing it with faith, backed with experiential knowledge.

Leaders should learn from Jesus' example!  If we did, we would see far more creative leaders that invest in others, and fewer people competing to talk or yell over someone, trying to affix blame, shame or reticule!  Our world would be far more encouraging and have less fear, anxiety, and despair.  We could live with attitudes of hope, creativity, joy, abundance, and be known as Resurrection People!

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