Thursday, April 21, 2011

Good Friday-A Leaders Job is to Help His/Her People!!/?sk=lf
We were stuck!  The limits of this life were birth at the start, and death was the end!  No more, no less!  Being stuck between those end posts had to be demoralizing and depressing.  Many just scratched out a meager existence, some looked for advantageous times to shove another aside to take their place, some gave up, and some were so bitter, or ruthless, it just didn't matter.  There was a dire need for a new kind of leader; one with hope, some compassion, empathy for those he met, and self assured enough that forgiveness could be genuinely offered without expectation of a pay-back.

Sounds a great deal like the times of Jesus' time up to the point of Good Friday, and yet a lot like some business places that many work each day!  Whether it is the realm of secular life or sacred time, we need leaders that have the servant heart and desire to reach out and help their people.  To remove barriers that keep them from succeeding, seeing a clarified vision, be intrinsically motivated and want to do the best they can, not because someone lords over them and berates them; but a leader that does it out of genuine concern and desire to instill trust in a relationship.  It isn't about weakness!  It actually takes tremendous strength of character and spiritual priorities that enable this kind of leader to win the moment and change the course and events of the future.

Just as Dr. Deming was stating the above quip to challenge business leaders in their day and age, we remember today the actions and willful surrender of a pure servant heart and soul to open a new way for breaking down the barriers that had entrapped a people in their willful and neglectful sin.  Jesus in doing just that as he takes on the cross and courageously and faithfully embraces death with a grip that he won't let go, and determined to not let go for three days until it is defeated.  He did it to help HIS people, just like we are called to mimic his example and do the same in love for our people; spouses, children, parents, loved ones, colleagues, peers, clients, friends, neighbors and even those who challenge our whits, patience, and spirits.

Perhaps because Jesus was willing to help us, HIS people, we can walk through the events of this day and say it is "GOOD"!

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