Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Whole New Venture on a Not -So-New Topic!/?sk=lfA New Blog/Venture on a Not-So-New-Topic!I welcome you to an entirely new blog and personal venture with hopefully new insights to a not-so-new topic.  I have been intrigued with lowering the wall that exists between sacred and secular.  Having served as an Episcopal priest for over 30 years and also being trained and influenced by Dr. W. Edward Deming before his death, I have seen cross-over ties between the disciplines of faith and quality.

I invite you to join in the journey of exploration as well as insight as to how we as leaders and followers alike, share the commonality of living in this secular world of business, management, leadership, team building, systems theory, continual improvement, board rooms and flow charts and spirituality, compassion, empathy, emotional intelligence, reconciliation, celebration, humility and most assuredly, a sense of humor.

I'll be learning about blogging as we go, and invite novices as well as learned techies to share and engage in the discussions and postings.  My intent is to connect this blog eventually to my facebook page and linkedin pages.  Regardless of your origin and interest, you are welcome here!  I'll take on the first topic in the next few days. It's feeling good at least to start this endeavor on Maunday Thursday, a very special day for many in the midst of Holy Week, and the events leading up to and to include Easter-a spiritual high point for many!

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