Friday, May 6, 2011

A Leader must have knowledge. A Leader must be able to teach. - Edward Deming

A Leader must have knowledge. A Leader must be able to teach.  
I hear these words and think of the high need for Leaders to convey to the people who follow, a vision that is compelling, comprehensive, positive, and captures everyone's heart and passion to rally and help accomplish the task or goal that lays before them.  That leader must be able to convey information and an understanding of how it us to be used to succeed.  Data alone is worth nothing!  It has to be accompanied by theory, an applicable use, or prediction of what may happen if "this" takes place.  Data + Theory = Knowledge.  Knowledge + repeated attempts of application = Experience.   Knowledge + Experience = Wisdom. 

Jesus was known for His teaching, and the applications of a spiritual theory as to applications of God's viewpoint of life and what to do in circumstances.  It was important for Jesus to be a good teacher, a Rabbi!  Not only was He good at conveying the message, He lived it!.  He was out in front on everything, answering questions that were in the people's minds sometimes before they even articulated them.  He was a marvel to most that experienced His wondrous means of drawing a crowd, conveying a message, and then giving them a task to apply it.  Move it from only words, to a knowledgeable thought, and then to an actual practice of application so the Theory,(Theology/Message) stuck and became an Experience never to be forgotten.

Not only dealing with everyday people issues, questions about Faith, or how to have a purpose in Life,  Jesus takes it to the next level by dying, and then coming back to tell us what it is like, to challenge us to believe and then to follow His examples of life, and the teachings He patterned for our benefit.  He took the time to teach the disciples that were walking along the road to Emmaus.  He opened their minds to remember the teachings, he showed them a physical symbol to refresh their memories by breaking bread in their midst.  After the eyes and mind were opened, and they remembered, the lesson was done, and time to move to the next class and the next set of pupils, or workers in the harvest. 

Jesus was a very knowledgeable leader and our ability to believe and live as by faith is a testament as to His ability to Teach!!/?sk=lfA Leader must have knowledge. A Leader must be able to Teach. -Edward Deming

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