Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's All About Relationships, Relationships, Relationships!

     It's all about Relationships!  In the long period since my last entry, some major events have taken place.
My mother has crossed the 80 yr. mark, my father his 86th, and they celebrated 60 years of marriage! A gathering of friends, family, extended family, and adopted family culminated the weekends festivities.  It was a wonder to watch!  The maid of honor and best man from 60 years prior were in attendance.  A beloved cousin that is now blind was escorted by cousins of mine that I have not seen in decades.  The network of connections that my parents wove extends in multiple directions and spans generations. 

I actually was a benefactor of their event in getting the chance to see parts of that extended, adopted, family.  You see, anyone who befriended my parents, were assimilated into a relationship on the level of "family".  They may live hundreds of miles away, may be seen on a regular basis or over stretches of time, but when contacted or heard from, they were family! I feel a part of this comes genetically from family roots.  My maternal grandfather never knew a stranger!  My paternal grandparents had regular family gatherings of which we would partake and bond as family.  I still get a weekly Sunday evening phone chat with my parents. I now find that my wife and myself calling children, parents, brothers, and newly reconnected friends via facebook or emails.  I am in a network of current and past parish members.  With the new job in the Kansas City area, Mary and I are now chatting nightly to keep in touch.  It has been a long stretch with us living in two places and parenting, keeping apprised of daily events and needs.  It will never be too soon that we can pass the momentary venue that has her in Texas and me working here.  I will cherish the time we can grab together even more as this temporary glitch is worked out and she can finally rejoin me here.

It seems in these current times that we don't make the time to sit and "be" with those we love and know in the relationships we build and strive to maintain, and yet technology opens doors of communication much quicker than the snail mail many of us grew up with.  My cell phone is much more "Star-Treky" than the old rotary phone I learned "phone manners" upon with a JU1-2133 number.  I have virtual instant capabilities to contact my friends with keystrokes, digital calls, and text messages when I'm not driving!

I have come to appreciate relationships as I have grown older and traveled to many places. I enjoy being connected with you, if only in electronic media, or better yet when we can sit in person and share a drink, a laugh, a story, a smile, a hug, and for some, a kiss.  This world travels awfully fast and we pass through it even faster as I add years and days.  I cherish you all as friends, colleagues, mentors, loved ones, family, and acquaintances!

As we come to All Saints Day, and I pause to remember the Saints that have marched through my life, I honor each and everyone for the contribution that they have bestowed upon me.  They are gifts of Grace and Knowledge that I hold dear and at the same time, desire to share with others in order to "Spread the Wealth"!
I am who I am because of their influence.  They are an intricate part of the timeless network we call the Communion of Saints.  We are all connected in a bond and relationship that spans Past, to Present, and to the Future.  We can't escape it and are a unique stitch in the "Human Quilt".  It's All About Relationships with an accountability as to how well we service and maintain those precious relationships while we have the chance to. 

Take the time to remember the fond ones in your life that are now gone!  Call and connect with the close ones that are dear to you today! Don't miss the chance to initiate a new relationship when the opportunity comes your way!  It just may be the "Life-Changer" that will be there when you are in need, or may become the "Love of Your Life" or your new "Best Friend Forever"!  Just be mindful, "This Life, It's All About Relationships!" 

To that end, I promise to be more timely and disciplined in posting new ideas and thoughts in the future!