Thursday, April 28, 2011

Without Questions there is no Learning! - Edward Deming!/?sk=lfWithout Questions there is no Learning! - Edward Deming

Without Questions there is no Learning!  Sounds like an appropriate theme for this week.  We are in times that have a super scrutiny of people. A hyper need for accountability and placing blame on who ever, or what ever caused a problem or mistake.  We are quick to reticule, character assassinate, defame, mock, anyone who may seem awkward, naive, uninformed, or anyone who just plain made a mistake or caused accident.  We however are human and not Gods of ourselves.

Leaders need to know that trying may create mistakes or accidents, and that they need to fail fast!  Don't get stuck!  Learn the lesson, add the lesson to our knowledge, apply the knowledge when a similar experience occurs, and become wiser for the insight!  Crucifixion or stoning for humans doesn't work and only causes death!  That is until Jesus came along!

This week always carries the story of Doubting Thomas and his search and endeavor to make sense of the events of Easter as conveyed to him by the Apostle that   He just didn't get it and wanted more information.  He had questions and needed to learn more to catch up.  Maybe he was a physical learner, and needed that first to jump-start the faith needed to affirm what he wanted to believe.  You know, "Seeing is believing" and yet it was faith at the heart that enabled Mary to see Jesus as for He was and not as the gardener when she heard her name spoken by Our Lord.  It the breaking of bread that opened the eyes of those walking the road to Emmaus. So is the same with Thomas wanting physical proof of wounds in hands, side, and feet.  Jesus in his wisdom as Leader, provided the answers to his questions and led him to a new and faithful place via his learning and then swelling of faith.  He didn't leave him, ignore him, mock him, berate him.  He did wish it wasn't necessary, but the higher calling was the eraser of doubt, and replacing it with faith, backed with experiential knowledge.

Leaders should learn from Jesus' example!  If we did, we would see far more creative leaders that invest in others, and fewer people competing to talk or yell over someone, trying to affix blame, shame or reticule!  Our world would be far more encouraging and have less fear, anxiety, and despair.  We could live with attitudes of hope, creativity, joy, abundance, and be known as Resurrection People!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Morning - "When people try to do what they cannot do, they wish to give up!" Dr. Edward Deming

We have all had our chance and experience with the frustration of trying and trying and trying again, with no results of finality of what we had hoped.  Sometimes we call it quits, and walk away, maybe missing the opportunity of making it work if we had given it one more try.  Sometimes we feel that we are spinning our wheels  and making no advancement, yet all the while we were building our strength of character or metal of our determination, or even learning more about the process-ourselves- or others.  We talk ourselves into believing that it is OK to give up, stop trying, assign blame to another.  We quit and walk away.

I guess that there is a bit of knowing when to "hold them and when to fold them"  and that comes from knowing the worth of the goal or task to be accomplished.  Is it worth it?!  What is the cost?  What is still needed and is that available?  Maybe it's like the old song, "High Hopes"  with moving dams, rubber tree plants and such.

This morning we hear of Alleluias and cheers of "He is Risen!"  and we are lifted in spirit to those words because they announce that someone, Jesus, has done what mankind has never been able to do.  He had to do it and clear the way!  Leaders are called to do that,  remove barriers that demoralize, depress, and hold back their people. He did just that!  We are now free from so much that would and could hold us back!  We now have a promise of Eternal Life, Forgiveness of Sin, and a source of Hope, Love, Grace, and Salvation that never existed before in such form or matter.  Jesus did what nobody had ever done, and at the same time, provided the encouragement and ability for all of us to follow, to receive and to share God's ultimate gift of Love, a promise that there will be no more barriers, no more death, no need for despair,  no more need or temptation to give up!  We can now have a life in Grace!

Do Not Give Up!  He is Risen, He is Risen Indeed!  Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Easter Morning - "When people try and do what they cannot do, they wish to give up!" Dr. Edward Deming

Holy Saturday- "If you stay in this world, you will never learn another one." Edward Deming

If we stay in this world, we surely will never learn another one!  We as humans are very good and tempted to stay in comfort zones with which we are familiar.  In business and leadership, it is easy to fit into a groove and not want to move out of routine and well known patterns.  In many regards, we entrap ourselves with ourselves!
It can become hard to see new ideas, new opportunities, new horizons because we get too focused on doing what we have always done and looking for familiar or sadly new results.  Always doing what we have always done usually produces what we have always got!  No New Things!

Paradigms can be broken!  It takes a strong determination to look beyond the "old results"  and strength of character to persist under the encouragement of others to quit rocking the boat with our new ideas and vision of something different.  However it is this pioneer spirit and will to "break out of the routine" that enables visionary leaders to do just that, break out into a new world where the rules of doing things change.  What had seemed impossible before, all of a sudden becomes the norm and quickly brings new successes from that day forward.

Is this no different that what Jesus is doing at this very time in the Holy Week story while He is moving from this world, offering a new hope to those who had died before (Communion of Saints) and offering an invitation to follow him over, through, and beyond an old paradigm that "Death is the End"  and prepare for a Whole New Idea and Paradigm, "Resurrection!"  What a great vision and idea!  It is by faith that we see this leader, Jesus of Nazareth, break from being in this world and shed light on an entirely new way to look of living in this world today.  If we follow the path He sets, we no longer are creatures just of  this world, we become people of Light living "IN" this world, but with an entirely different viewpoint and spirit that is "NOT OF" this world.  We become Resurrection People, Entheos Leaders (Captured by the Spirit of God) and make a difference to transform this place, our own lives, our families, our businesses, and our communities in the image of an entirely new world.

We await the breaking of the seal on the tomb today, Yesterday was Friday, but Sunday's Coming!Holy Saturday - "If you stay in this world, you will never learn another one." Edward Deming

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Good Friday-A Leaders Job is to Help His/Her People!!/?sk=lf
We were stuck!  The limits of this life were birth at the start, and death was the end!  No more, no less!  Being stuck between those end posts had to be demoralizing and depressing.  Many just scratched out a meager existence, some looked for advantageous times to shove another aside to take their place, some gave up, and some were so bitter, or ruthless, it just didn't matter.  There was a dire need for a new kind of leader; one with hope, some compassion, empathy for those he met, and self assured enough that forgiveness could be genuinely offered without expectation of a pay-back.

Sounds a great deal like the times of Jesus' time up to the point of Good Friday, and yet a lot like some business places that many work each day!  Whether it is the realm of secular life or sacred time, we need leaders that have the servant heart and desire to reach out and help their people.  To remove barriers that keep them from succeeding, seeing a clarified vision, be intrinsically motivated and want to do the best they can, not because someone lords over them and berates them; but a leader that does it out of genuine concern and desire to instill trust in a relationship.  It isn't about weakness!  It actually takes tremendous strength of character and spiritual priorities that enable this kind of leader to win the moment and change the course and events of the future.

Just as Dr. Deming was stating the above quip to challenge business leaders in their day and age, we remember today the actions and willful surrender of a pure servant heart and soul to open a new way for breaking down the barriers that had entrapped a people in their willful and neglectful sin.  Jesus in doing just that as he takes on the cross and courageously and faithfully embraces death with a grip that he won't let go, and determined to not let go for three days until it is defeated.  He did it to help HIS people, just like we are called to mimic his example and do the same in love for our people; spouses, children, parents, loved ones, colleagues, peers, clients, friends, neighbors and even those who challenge our whits, patience, and spirits.

Perhaps because Jesus was willing to help us, HIS people, we can walk through the events of this day and say it is "GOOD"!

A Whole New Venture on a Not -So-New Topic!/?sk=lfA New Blog/Venture on a Not-So-New-Topic!I welcome you to an entirely new blog and personal venture with hopefully new insights to a not-so-new topic.  I have been intrigued with lowering the wall that exists between sacred and secular.  Having served as an Episcopal priest for over 30 years and also being trained and influenced by Dr. W. Edward Deming before his death, I have seen cross-over ties between the disciplines of faith and quality.

I invite you to join in the journey of exploration as well as insight as to how we as leaders and followers alike, share the commonality of living in this secular world of business, management, leadership, team building, systems theory, continual improvement, board rooms and flow charts and spirituality, compassion, empathy, emotional intelligence, reconciliation, celebration, humility and most assuredly, a sense of humor.

I'll be learning about blogging as we go, and invite novices as well as learned techies to share and engage in the discussions and postings.  My intent is to connect this blog eventually to my facebook page and linkedin pages.  Regardless of your origin and interest, you are welcome here!  I'll take on the first topic in the next few days. It's feeling good at least to start this endeavor on Maunday Thursday, a very special day for many in the midst of Holy Week, and the events leading up to and to include Easter-a spiritual high point for many!