Saturday, April 23, 2011

Holy Saturday- "If you stay in this world, you will never learn another one." Edward Deming

If we stay in this world, we surely will never learn another one!  We as humans are very good and tempted to stay in comfort zones with which we are familiar.  In business and leadership, it is easy to fit into a groove and not want to move out of routine and well known patterns.  In many regards, we entrap ourselves with ourselves!
It can become hard to see new ideas, new opportunities, new horizons because we get too focused on doing what we have always done and looking for familiar or sadly new results.  Always doing what we have always done usually produces what we have always got!  No New Things!

Paradigms can be broken!  It takes a strong determination to look beyond the "old results"  and strength of character to persist under the encouragement of others to quit rocking the boat with our new ideas and vision of something different.  However it is this pioneer spirit and will to "break out of the routine" that enables visionary leaders to do just that, break out into a new world where the rules of doing things change.  What had seemed impossible before, all of a sudden becomes the norm and quickly brings new successes from that day forward.

Is this no different that what Jesus is doing at this very time in the Holy Week story while He is moving from this world, offering a new hope to those who had died before (Communion of Saints) and offering an invitation to follow him over, through, and beyond an old paradigm that "Death is the End"  and prepare for a Whole New Idea and Paradigm, "Resurrection!"  What a great vision and idea!  It is by faith that we see this leader, Jesus of Nazareth, break from being in this world and shed light on an entirely new way to look of living in this world today.  If we follow the path He sets, we no longer are creatures just of  this world, we become people of Light living "IN" this world, but with an entirely different viewpoint and spirit that is "NOT OF" this world.  We become Resurrection People, Entheos Leaders (Captured by the Spirit of God) and make a difference to transform this place, our own lives, our families, our businesses, and our communities in the image of an entirely new world.

We await the breaking of the seal on the tomb today, Yesterday was Friday, but Sunday's Coming!Holy Saturday - "If you stay in this world, you will never learn another one." Edward Deming

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