Monday, May 30, 2011

"The first line supervisor has the devil's own job" - Edward Deming!/?sk=lf
"The first line supervisor has the devil's own job"   It takes a special person to be up front and on the line where all the action takes place.  All the change, all of the chances, all the decisions that make or break the moment and facilitates either success or a set back.  Front line workers are where the quality of a system is seen and lived or is totally absent and the source of high frustration and anxiety.  They are aware when things are going well and when they are not, and then comes the challenge, "What are you going to do now?!" 

When well trained, they know and their actions are embedded into correcting the problem, addressing the need, and also the ability to affirm what is good and working well.  In this life and world, the demons of variation in machinery, systemic processes, emotional makeup of workers, and even as looming as intentional evil intent and actions of others trying to deter or overtake others. 

This Memorial Day, I want to not only affirm all who function as leaders in the freedom of this business world we enjoy, but those leaders and heroes that currently do and those who did serve on the front lines of freedom and protection for all of the liberties and benefits we enjoy.  A Thank you for a job well done, then and now!  We get so caught up in daily routine and living into those "freedoms- doing what we do every day" and take for granted that each day will dawn as a journey of our choices and not under the tyrannical will of another.  It is right to pause and give thanks and prayers of protection for those who serve in our armed services.  Thank you and God Bless!  You serve as the front line leaders that take on the desire and wills of the devil in this world 

I feel it is even appropriate to extend our thanks and prayers to the first responders that keep us safe and protected in our local communities, most who also provided earlier service in a military uniform, and just extended their calling to service to a different level and context.  Thank You All! You help keep the devil and fear at bay in our lives!

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