Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"You will never have enough information!" - Dr. Edward Deming - Trinity Sunday

In the search for Quality, it is instinctive for humankind to search for information, data, stuff to answer the question "Why is it not perfect?"  The drive for that information can consume one and feed a drive that often times seems unquenchable.  We can test and measure till the instruments seize, wear out, or till we absolutely run out of mind power to think of another parameter to explore.  In fact the search and quest can replace the higher and more important need of "living" managing the process or system, visioning where the overall business is going to be in the next 3-5 years, or what are the changing dynamics that could blindside the whole endeavor!  The consuming collection of minutia blinds us to seeing a "bigger picture" and having the capacity to respond to people, their needs, challenges and not just "things" or data points/measurements.  We miss stopping and smelling the roses, or enjoying a meaningful relationship. We get too busy and focused on detail that we miss obvious answers to simple questions or are mute to alternative insights from others.

We can quickly forget that data is only data unto itself and has no power of itself and needs an application of a theory to become productive and useful.  An overload of data and huge gigs of memory on a flash drive have no power if you forget what it means in light of an applicable theory or the ability to predict short term possible results.  Data is just data!  Knowledge doesn't arrive until a theory and a thoughtful application arrive on the scene. 

Deming's teachings and supportive works of others such as Dr. Carl Juran, William Sherchenbach, and William Ouchi give an exciting insight to this notion.   Dr. Ouchi's Theory XYZ had an amazing impact on business and as explained by William Sherkenback, "You will never have enough information!"  Yet, to impact any organization or even a human individual, to the effect that will facilitate change with a longevity in length of impact, or to the deep depth of the organization or soul, you need to address the needs of that person or organization in a minimum of three perspectives. You do not have to test and search "every/all" data points!

This responds well with the given truth that we live in a "Three Dimensional World - made up of Physical Presence, Logical Presence, and Spiritual/Emotional Presence"  At least these three dynamic perspectives need to be visited in planning, problem solving, and observing for information and learning.  To ignore any one these three perspectives unchallenged, leaves the person, or executive board/CEO at risk and vulnerable to being blindsided by surprise elements that can disrupt and destroy systems, organizations, businesses or personal well-being. I have yet met someone who does well without a healthy body, or an active-responsive mind, or who survived a "spiritotomy!"  We also know how important emotions are to mental wellness.  All three have to be present for wholeness. 

Understanding the importance of this dynamic, we annually revisit this business theory and lesson that actually has theological implications.  In the Church we call it Trinity Sunday.  We affirm that God with great wisdom and power created all things as we know them in a Physically present world and universe.  All things that we can see, touch, smell, feel, hear and taste come from God the Creator (Father).  We understand that the overwhelming magnitude of a relationship with this dynamic God was and is much larger than our mere minds could understand or explain, thus God's revelation of self through a human image and mentor, Jesus of Nazareth, was necessary to respond to our Logical (Mental) Presence.  Jesus and a written account in Scripture, help reveal the personal nature of the Living God.  Next, to respond to our own Spiritual Presence, God offers a Holy Spirit that engages with our soul/life experience, encourages our best choices and enables us to be touched with our emotions.  Through this same Holy Spirit, we have a basis to hear and understand what God is trying to convey to us, and enables forgiveness for the wrongs we commit. 

Trinity of persons, one in Spirit.  One God portrayed in physical presence and manifestation, revealed through the life and teaching examples of Jesus, and present today in each soul that is open to receiving theGod's Holy Spirit.  One God, revealed in Three distinctly different entities, yet still One Being!  It is akin to the example of my live.  I am a Priest, a Husband, a Father of three children, a Brother to my only brother, a Son to my parents, and on and on, and on, yet I am still only the same person, but experience by different people in different roles according to the relationship I have with each.  Different perceived roles, but one person. 

It is this awareness of the primal three perspectives of this life that were important enough for God to intentionally reveal a presence in Physical, Logical, and Spiritual/Emotional dimensions, maybe we as leaders in our Churches, Businesses, Families, and Communities would be wiser if we applied the same depth of understanding when we test, observe, listen, and perceive the needs, changes and challenges that offer themselves each day in our life.  Choose wisely!  Choose in Three's!

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